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Parental Involvement is Important

Family Engagement Professionals:

Are any of these statements true for you?

"I feel like I’m winging things on my own and wishing I had someone to bounce ideas off of" 

"I’m barely able to keep up with my family engagement priorities as they are - much less take time to think strategically or network with others in the field"

"I’m just hoping for an opportunity to hit PAUSE, take a step back, and evaluate where our program is now" 

Joining The Practitioner's Backbone may be just for you. 

This network is great for parents, liaisons, & coordinators. More FAQs.

What are the benefits of joining TPB?

In monthly calls (+ special listserv access) you'll be be able to:

  • Be more effective in your job and finally create space to think of the big picture 
  • Feel completely supported and confident because you’re no longer winging it 
  • Strengthen your network of Family Engagement Directors, Professionals, & Liaisons while you grow your own program 
  • BONUS: we’ll be providing surprises and resources just for educators who participate (these won’t be shared anywhere else!)  

What's Included in The Practitioner's Backbone?

I'm creating the exact mentorship experience I wish I had when I was a teacher, and what I've always wanted to offer to the practitioners I work with - for free. Why is this free?

Brainstorming conference call with educators

Coaching Calls

Monthly calls with certified EdCoaches. Bring any question & walk away with clarity!

lack of parental involvement in education statistics

Access to Experts

Urgent issues or questions get answered via a limited-access listserv of professionals

Barriers to parental involvement in schools

Case Study Q&As

Get access to case study style meeting notes of each call, redacted for confidentiality

Build your family engagement team at your school

Strong Networks

Build & develop your personal network of family engagement professionals to support you

About Chief Academic Officer Dr. Joni Samples

Dr. Samples has spent forty years helping schools like yours take learning home.

Dr. Samples started her career as a Special Education teacher in Orange County, California, and believes it's the foundation for her effectiveness. This led her to acquire career accolades including Superintendent of the Year for the State of California.

Dr. Samples is a sought after keynote speaker at conferences and has led events in the United States, Australia, and the Republic of Georgia. She also writes regularly as a columnist for the Southeast Education Network and manages a publishing house, Engage! Press. 

Dr. Samples has written over 6 Parent Playbooks in English & Spanish, selling over 30,000 books for that series alone. Her books can be purchased here.

The Pracitioner's Backbone is the exact mentorship network Dr. Joni has always wanted to create. Join TPB today and get free mentorship and build your family engagement network.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Who is The Practitioner's Backbone for?

Anyone who touches on family engagement should join! Especially parents, liaisons, and coordinators.

Directors, Superintendents, Liaisons, Coordinators, Specialists, Title I Directors - There are so many roles that touch on family engagement. If the topic is part of your job or school role no matter how big or small and you’re interested - please join!  

  • How frequently will we meet?

You can access the email listserv with questions 24/7 via email - any expert or other member can answer your question or direct you to resources they're familiar with. We will host LIVE coaching calls monthly. The call-in detials will be sent out when you join!

  • Do I need a specific problem or question to join?

No, you don’t! You can come and listen, but no question or concern is too big or too small. 

  • Do I need to participate in everything?  

No, you don't need to participate in everything. We get it - kid emergencies come first and it's hard to make meetings and appointments. You can participate in one, some, or all calls we host each semester. Or, you can ask a question directly to the listserv (available 24/7). The real benefit of this network is the relationships you build to help you meet current and future challenges. How you build your personal network is up to you and this is your community.

  • Where can I get resources to pair with TPB?  

Check out our store or website for free downloads. We highly recommend you go through some of our engagement materials and bring your Qs to the call. Some schools even hold a book study with their family engagement teams and all join in on TPB calls.

  • Is there a cost?  

No, The Practitioner's Backbone is a free mentorship network. As a former educator I really want to serve the needs of teachers and practitioners to break out of their silos and connect with and learn from other schools. I know budgets are limited, and so I offer TPB for free.

  • What about my privacy? Is this confidential?

Yes, all calls and communication are confidential … and, please use your judgement when sharing personally identifying information. We want to get value out of the calls and ths network, without putting any person or school in jeopardy. If we ever send out case studies or notes from our calls, we will make every effort to redact personally identifying information.

Sneak Peek of the topics we'll cover in The Practitioner's Backbone...

black parental involvement in schools
  • How to support the families of students who are struggling the most  
  • How to have parents consistently attend at-school events  
  • How to teach teachers to cultivate strong relationships with parents  
parent family and community engagement framework
  • Beyond the workshop model: other ways of engaging parents  
  • How to work within a restricted budget or leadership constraints  

family and community engagement

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